Monday, February 18, 2013

Mob Rule

By Nick Joseph:

Pulling the heavy shovel from the hole, I threw the dirt into the pile, which sagged a few yards away. The spade crunched through the dirt once more as I thrusted into the cool earth again, and pushed deeper. The hole was waist deep by now. Waist deep, chest deep, I couldn’t tell by the darkness. The headlights on the car were off, I thought this would be a quicker job than it actually was turning out to be. 

Forget reminiscence about the stars, and the beauty of the desert. I was creeped out by the silence. I let the spade be as loud as possible without a ringing blow on the rock that would alert anyone or anything of my presence, just so I wouldn’t feel the chill of the wispy, empty air in the openness. Following more digging, I grabbed a pair of limp ankles and pulled, my arms flexing as the corpse tumbled into the hole alongside me. Kicking the sack like body, and with a silent “good riddance”, began to repack the dirt. An easy job, and just like that, the sand was level again. 

I flicked the sand off with an audible tug on the collar. Looking around, I threw the shovel back in the trunk. Somewhere a wolf’s howl could be heard, and I shuddered; I would hate to run into one of those out here. Run over, maybe, I thought as I opened the car door. But I needed to get back to town, report to the boss. Those creeps would be paying extra for making me come out here alone. 

A soft sound played comfortingly on the radio as I drove away. 


By Dual Matrix:

"Tonight, my fellows, the day has come, our reign can finally begin, we plotted and schemed for years, all focussed on that moment our rulership would start. And that moment, is now. My friends, we finally eliminated all the obstacles standing in our way for total victory. All those obstactels, one by one, little by little , downed by the growing power of darkness, all of them have now at last fallen. The pillars on whitch the civilasation rested are reduced to dust, and are now others are being able to take their place, and those others will be Us! Yes, the day has come to stop begging, collecting and hiding in the dark, the time has come to take our place, our rightfull place, on top of this miserable civilasation. The world will be filled with such a massive darkness that no little light can survive, no good will be left after we strike, not even the tinyest shard. No, the endless void will consume them all leaving the world with only misery and pain.

Gentlemen, the day has come, to strike...

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