Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spiral 2

Dual Matrix:


 I sit on my bed thinking about a subject to write, way past bed-time, no light, just me and my brain. "Spiral" A sudden flash of insparation. "A spiral, what do I know about spirals." I started browsing my mind definate to produce the best story ever written about those things. "Spirals, well, they're veey swirly, oh and neverending, always going down and down and down..." I write down the first words: "Down Down, Down we go a neverending story about sadness and pain". "Yes" I tought, "lets involve those things called emotions in it, thats always nice." I continued writing about the spiral using the sudden shards of inspiration coming up in my mind. "Sadness and pain, once those start it'll always get worse, for you're trapped inside a spiral." I tought I was writing well, I could be in time, I could make it... Till... Everithing went quiet, my brain stopped thinking and the flow of awesome inspiration stopped, my empty mind couldn't find the strenght to write another word. "Spirals, why did I start writing about spirals" I wondered, I would never make it in time, I trew my story into the trash can and went to sleep, knowing the time to write, the time to enter, was over.

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